“We are alive with the enthusiasm of our children”

Each Sunday, we provide children`s programing and a nursery as a safe space for children to belong within our community and to grow in spirit. Presently, we have about 25 children and infants who participate in our programming.

We are providing in-person and on-line classes which are supported with a monthly home-delivered package to each child.  The package can also be used by families without attending the on-line classes.

Ages 4 to 9 meet at 10 a.m. on Sundays via Zoom,

Ages 8 to 11 meet as 12:00 noon on Sundays via google.

To receive the Zoom invitation, please contact our Coordinator of Children and Youth Programming, Nikki Nel at nikki@firstunitedchurchottawa.org

The vision of First’s programming for children can be summarized by the following statements.

  • Each child feels loved the way they are (hears from God and others “my beloved in whom I am well pleased”); an unconditional love where the child feels radically accepted and included.

  • Each child feels they are someone of value and importance and giftedness.

  • There is support and development for the “spirit” self of each child, and hence their spiritual growth.

  • A place where child enthusiasm is allowed to flourish, and where the “child view” radiates and teaches.

  • A place of being noticed, known, cherished through the building of a safe community where there is a sense of belonging.

  • A place where loving relationships are modeled and where one can experience friendships that are more reliably kind.

  • Development of children’s voice and leadership.