Healing Pathway prayerfully and meditatively channels spiritually-focused energy.  Individuals receive this “healing energy” as they are comfortable from trained practitioners with the intention to welcome healing through physical relaxation, relief from pain, symptoms or stress.

In this time of Covid-19, The Healing Pathway ministry at First United has prepared a spiritual care package which is available online-   Healing Pathway Care Package

The Healing Pathway team prepared the spiritual care package, for members and visitors, in this time of physical distancing and uncertainty.  New meditations have been added. There is also information on how to arrange for an appointment for distance Healing Pathway session.    

One on One Healing Pathway Sessions are available: Are you feeling physically, emotionally, or spiritually depleted? Overwhelmed? In pain?  Although we no longer meet in the chapel to offer individual Healing Pathway sessions, practitioners continue to offer personal distance sessions at a mutually convenient time during the week.  If you would like to receive a private distance session or wish more information, contact Howard at HealingPathway2010@gmail.com  

Distance Healing Pathway Circle: Each Sunday at 12:30 p.m. Healing Pathway practitioners gather in a virtual energetic circle to offer a ten-minute healing session for anyone who chooses to gather with them. Details (a video and written suggestions) are under the “DISTANCE HEALING” heading on the Healing Pathway Care package website at https://healingpathway2010.wixsite.com/website