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Join a small-group conversation inspired by the seven mountains Brian climbed during his three sabbaticals in East African.  These mountains serve as metaphor for the spirit journey informed by wisdom from the seven directions as well as Brian’s own reflections.  This seven-week study invites engaged conversation among the participants.    Brian is open to leading several groups over this fall and next winter, so times and dates can be negotiated with those who express interest.  Please contact him with an expression of interest to be a part of this spirited study experience.   The Mount of Reconciling the Given Life with Unlived Lives (within direction) The Mount of Infancy and Childhood – Confronting Illusions (northern direction) The Mount of Youth and Young Adulthood – Reluctance-to-Reveal (southern direction) The Mount of Adulthood – Unexpected Places of Brightness (eastern direction) The Mount of Widening Sacred Encounter (above direction) The Mount of Eldership – Welcoming Shadow (western direction) The Mount of the Life Beyond this Life (below direction)