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We are living in an unsettled time. Whether or not we are conscious of it, it is an ever-present undercurrent in our lives. It is there, the uncertainty about the future and what it holds. How do we cope with this unsettling undercurrent? Often, we avoid feeling it. After all, what can we do. It is all larger than us. And we carry on as best we can. We live in the anxiety, more than we acknowledge, and our health suffers, and our relationships suffer.
These challenges are not unique to our time, but they are palpable and here to be lived. COVID brought these anxieties so much more consciously into our lives. It created tangible fear. And, in the process, it showed us what truly matters is the care we share and the connections we have. We really are all in this together. What are we to do, how are we to live in these times? It is about so much more than coping;  about so much more than developing strategies to manage our personal anxiety and fear. It is time for a transformative change - a paradigm shift. It is time for a radical shift to the heart. It is about caring and living more through the unmistakable wisdom of our hearts.
This workshop is an invitation to engage in this process of transforming our own lives. 
- We will explore the nature of this unsettled time and its full impact on each of us and
- we will open ourselves to more generative and loving ways of living, to support this paradigm shift to the heart,
- including a focus on an honest and compassionate love for ourselves.
Some of this will involve working with the wisdom held in our bodies, an exciting and profound way of exploring and transforming some of the obstacles to this growth. Knowledge of the Enneagram is helpful, but not necessary for this day.

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Please contact Sue with any questions: (including the pay what you can option) 

 Cost - $150 (or pay what you can!)