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November 3-  Eldercare Today: What’s Available, and What Isn’t!

Most Canadians wish to age in their own homes for as long as possible.  Our current system, however, relies heavily on institutional care (long-term care facilities and hospitals), the most costly and least effective of options. This session will focus on the four stages of Eldercare- independent living, homecare, long-term care, and palliative care- and illustrate how the current system is failing to meet people’s needs and wishes at each stage.

November 10-  Alternative Approaches to Eldercare

Alternatives exist to our current institutional approach to Eldercare. This session will examine new approaches to Eldercare that are being implemented locally, nationally and internationally – approaches that are more responsive to the needs and wishes of people during each stage of the aging process.

November 17- Developing A Personal Eldercare Plan

Planning ahead for the care needs of ourselves and our loved ones is essential. This session will outline the services and resources in our community that are available to support us at each stage of the aging process. Participants will be provided with guidelines and resources to help them make a personal plan.

November 24- Making Change Happen
Countless public inquires, commissions, and reports have identified the deficiencies of our current institutional model of Eldercare.  Consistent recommendations for change have been made but few have been implemented. To get the care we want – for our loved ones, and for ourselves – will require bold action on the part of citizens and politicians. This session will focus on ways to make change happen through community-based initiatives and political advocacy.

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