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This week, I had opportunity to visit with a pioneer in promoting social and spiritual values in our city and our country.

Though this person never attends First United, she has had a distant and caring love for our faith community supporting us in many ways.  Inspiring her journey was Tommy Douglas, and as I visited with her, the name of Tommy Douglas figured prominently on the walls, fitting in this time of health crisis. 

It reminded me of my favourite quotes by Tommy Douglas, a quote by a Baptist minister whose faith informed his social engagement.  The quote is updated for inclusive language:

Humanity can fly in the air like a bird
                     swim under the ocean like a fish
                     burrow into the ground like a mole
Now if humanity can walk the earth humanely,
                      this would be paradise.
May we, in this time of a health pandemic, receive the wisdom of this "father of medicare" as we ensure we walk through the days being humane with one another, humble in our care of creation, and gentle in heart.
Blessings, Brian