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As part of the children's curriculum, our Thanksgiving stories include the story of The Three Sisters. 

This story immediately reminds me of the spirit teaching in Ecclesiastes about the strength of rope realized through three strands.  Crossing my kitchen counter this morning, as a spirit synergy, was the indigenous wisdom teaching about the three strands in a braid of sweet grass, strands representing three spiritual qualities of love, kindness, and humility.  The teaching is a reminder to "smudge" ourselves with these qualities each morning, to physically welcome love and kindness and humility to envelop us each day. 

Later in the morning, I learned of the Choral Anthem that will be featured, not this Sunday, but on October 18th.  This anthem, Al Shlosha, is an anthem that reminds us that the world is sustained by three things, truth, justice, and peace.

As we celebrate thanksgiving, may love, kindness, humility, truth, justice, and peace colour our weekends with an abundance of spirit and gratitude.