Baptism is a beloved ritual within the community life of First United such that we provide considerable effort and attention in celebrating baptism.  We celebrate both infant/child and adult baptism as a significant “marker” of the faith journey.

Baptism celebrates the gift of life.  As sacrament, baptism is a sign of what already exists, the gracious life-giving love that God has for all of creation and for individual parts of that creation.  In our baptismal ritual we celebrate “original goodness”.

Through this sacrament, we re-enact the baptism of Jesus and experience for ourselves they symbolic description of Jesus’ baptism, where the skies rolled back like a scroll, and the spirit of God descended like a dove, and God’s voice was heard saying, “this is my child, my beloved, in whom I am well pleased”.  These words are repeated to each of us in this ritual.

In baptism there is also the gift of being membered—the gift of belonging to community.  A community that receives us, blesses us, unleashes us—a community where we receive the giftedness of other and we share our own giftedness. 

As part of our baptismal ritual, candidates and parents of candidates are asked these Covenantal Questions.