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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) is charging forward with their dangerous plan to build a massive, permanent, radioactive waste mound next to the Ottawa River – your drinking water source. They have blatantly disregarded the testimony and advice from experts and citizens alike.Building this nuclear dump at Chalk River will threaten the drinking water source for millions of people downstream for generations. Ottawa City Council must speak-out against this terrible plan.

Click here & tell Ottawa City Council to voice their opposition to this dangerous proposal.

If built, the “Near Surface Disposal Facility” (NSDF) will result in a radioactive mound five to seven storeys high, and about the size of 19 football fields. Runoff from the dumpsite will drain into a wetland and small lake, which in turn drain into the Ottawa River.Radioactive tritium previously released from the Chalk River facilities has already contaminated Perch Lake. This proposed dump will make things much worse.Large amounts of radioactive material are already being trucked to Chalk River from nuclear facilities such as the Whiteshell Laboratories in Manitoba and the decommissioned Gentilly nuclear reactors in Quebec.

But this is not a done deal! We can still stop CNL’s dangerous plans.The Assembly of First Nations and more than 140 municipalities, including Gatineau and the entire Montreal region, have passed resolutions opposing or expressing deep concern about the plans for Chalk River. It’s time for the citizens of Ottawa and our city council to speak up.

The government regulator has not fulfilled its responsibilities and is clearly little more than an official “rubber stamp” for the nuclear industry. Throughout the recent approvals processes, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) ignored serious concerns raised by the United Nations, environmental protection agencies and even former Chalk River scientists. The CNSC is now refusing to allow further public participation.

Emboldened by the corporate capture of the federal regulator, CNL also wants to build “next generation” experimental nuclear reactors at Chalk River. The requirement for environmental assessments of these modular reactors has been removed without justification or adequate consultation.

Contrary to Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan and nuclear industry claims, these experimental nuclear reactors will take too long to build, cost far more than renewable energy alternatives, and produce even more radioactive waste. In turn, this waste will need to be dumped somewhere. There’s also the possibility of a nuclear accident.We need to act together and resist these irresponsible and short-sighted plans with all our collective strength. Will you join us and tell Ottawa city council to oppose CNL?