Making a Donation During COVID-19
Wednesday 30 September 2020, 08:00am

While there will be some modest savings, mostly the costs for First United continue.   

We  recognize that many are facing financial stresses and need to adjust their support of our congregational life during this time and encourage you to do so.  For those who have inquired about continuing financial support, we draw your attention to four ways this can be done.
1.  First Things First is the monthly Pre-Authorized Remittance, and Cindy, our church administrator can facilitate changes if someone needs to discontinue at this time or if you would like to be added (even for a few months).  Simply contact Cindy at [email protected] and she will facilitate.
2.  E-transfers  are now possible.   Please send the e-transfers to  [email protected]   This confidential and password protected email, managed by our Donations coordinator Dale Walker and Cindy our church Administrator, will transfer the money to First United and the donations will be recorded for an income tax receipt.  Remember to indicate what the donation is designated for (i.e. General Fund, Mission & Service, Westboro Food Bank etc)  Include in the email any other necessary instructions for Dale and Cindy. 
3.  Cheques can be mailed to the church, 347 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0E7.  The mail is checked regularly and a deposit made on a weekly basis.  Again, indicate any designation for the donation and the donation will be recorded for an income tax receipt.
4.  Credit Card through is an on-line donation service associated with our website.  This site can be used to make one time donations using a recognized credit card: however, there is a 2.9% fee charged by the on-line service in addition to a 30 cent transaction fee.  A tax-receipt will be issued by First United at the end of the year.   Here is the link if you choose this method. .