adopted by First United Church Council, August 2001

1. Equality (full participation)

We recognize that each person has wisdom to offer. We commit to welcome every voice and value every idea and viewpoint.

2. Respect (safety)

 We invite each person to speak for themselves with honesty. In return we commit to listen without interruption and to respect views different from our own. We do this so that we may create a safe place for all of us to express our own views.

3. Openness (listening for deeper mutual understanding)

 We will actively and non-judgementally listen to each other and we are called even further to strive to understand the other person's point of view, and particularly to understand why it is important to them.

4. Collectivity (inclusive solutions)

 We will adopt non-adversarial decision-making processes and strive for broad ownership of solutions. We will move beyond fixed positions to creative new possibilities and options.

 5. Spirituality (holistic approach)

 We affirm that we are united by the presence of God in each person. We will be mindful of the spiritual dimension of each other and will seek out the spirit in the practical challenges we face together.