Living Room Conversation - Exploring New Ways - For Everyone
Sunday 14 October 2018, 12:30pm

October 14th-21st 
2018 Living Room Conversations:
Exploring New Ways

The Council of First United invites you to an exciting conversation about our faith community.   

Every three years, Council hosts living room conversations that allows us to have a “family” conversation in groups of about 12 to 15 persons where we talk about contributing our ideas and resources – money, time, and energy -- to bring our congregational vision to life.

We strengthen our connections to First United and each other, and discern our collective inspiration and ongoing direction for the church. These conversations help facilitate the ways we continue to engage with our faith community by sharing our energy, leadership, and finances. Everyone’s voice is important and our prayer is that these gatherings will be “holy conversations” as we each have opportunity to talk heart-to-heart.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend one living room conversation, where we will discuss topics including: First United’s New Ways Project; the curriculum we are developing for our children and youth; the passion we have for social justice; the ongoing efforts for the organizational and financial well-being of First; and other topics that are important to you!

Please sign-up for the specific conversation you’d like to attend, there is one every night of the week and following Church on both Sundays! Call or e-mail the church office, or see the sign-up sheet during coffee hour after church.