New Ways Project Coordinator
Friday 25 May 2018

First United Church in Ottawa is seeking a Project Coordinator for a sixteen month "New Ways" Project beginning August 1st, 2018 until November 30th 2019.  A description of the project as well as the duties and responsibilities of the coordinator is outlined below.   This project received a unanimous endorsement at the annual congregational meeting.  Please submit cover letter and resume to [email protected] by Friday, May 25th at 12:00 noon.



New Ways Project Coordinator

First United Church, Ottawa, ON

August 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019

15 hours/week (hours are flexible)

$25.00 an hour


Project Description


Through consultation within and beyond the faith community of First United Church, the “New Ways Project Coordinator” will lead a project called New Ways. The mandate of this project is to identify areas of growth at First United and to kick-start creative new ways of being a community of faith that can be maintained in the long-run, as well as to update and strengthen present practices.

First United is a faith community inspired and informed but not limited by the Christian story.  

Emerging realities for faith communities in the 21st century include an aging population and reduced membership, although this is not presently the case at First United, the membership of which includes many young families and people of all ages.

First United recognizes the need to continually evolve as a faith community to remain vibrant and sustainable. Some of these areas of growth include the following:

  • Intentionally asking the question of “Who is not here who might like to be, and why?” Looking at possible barriers to being part of this faith community and what can be done to break down those barriers.
  • Integrating those who do not attend on Sunday mornings but are involved in spiritual expressions and practices during the week.
  • Engaging with the Echo and Millennial generations, and with those who identify as multi-religious or as spiritual but not religious.
  • Applying inspirations from the changes in other religious institutions. Exploring being an inter-cultural church, as well as new shared activities, experiences and learning opportunities.
  • Identifying effective ways to tell our story and listen to stories from this faith community and from the wider community. 


Duties and responsibilities

 Project Coordination


        Engage with communities both within and beyond First United in order to identify barriers and areas of growth. This includes millennials, individuals who are multi-religious and those who are exploring spirituality but are not connected to a religious community.

        Engage respectfully with people who have less power in society in order to identify barriers and areas of growth. Engage with a diversity of populations, in terms of race, ethnicity, income, religion, ability, gender and sexuality.

        Initiate contact with individuals within the congregation and with social enterprise and community groups to gather information and ideas, and to provide assessment and analysis of New Ways initiatives.

        Bring fresh ideas about being a modern community of faith, and gather best practices from elsewhere.

        Leverage and partner with the 2018 triennial fall Living Room Conversations that will engage congregants in small group discussions to gather information and ideas from the congregation about the New Ways project as well as about congregational stewardship and financial support.

        Facilitate small group discussions about how people want to talk about God and spirituality.

Program Development

        Use creativity and technological savvy to accomplish project goals.

        Propose and facilitate the development of programming to respond to the areas of growth by working with interested volunteers. Work with the faith community to create, plan, pilot and evaluate initiatives.

        Develop plans on how chosen initiatives can be maintained by volunteers in the faith community after the position ends.

        Communicate about the project through oral presentations, one-on-one engagement, and written updates and reports.

        Interface with the development of transitional programming for children and youth.

        Engage in regular discussion on task prioritization with the New Ways Committee.

        Meet regularly with the minister (at least bi-weekly) to develop work plans for New Ways.

        Provide administrative support to the New Ways committee’s work.

 Development of a strategic communications plan

        Help First United find better ways to tell its own story, both within and beyond its walls. This could include outreach, marketing and promotions.

        Suggest better and more sustainable use of various social media platforms.



 No requirement to provide leadership in Sunday Gatherings. However, the project requires presence at Sunday Gatherings.

No requirement to provide professional pastoral care

No requirement to provide theological education

No fundraising requirement

Work space at the church is available, and working remotely is welcomed.

Must be available to work in evenings as required.



 Experience (paid or volunteer)

·       Project management

·       Community engagement,  consultation and development

·       Working in not-for-profit settings

·       Knowledge of faith settings

·       Strategic communication/marketing & social media


·         Relevant post-secondary education is desirable


  • Takes initiative
  • Strong social skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Organized, good time management skills
  • Self-directed and self-motivated
  • Works well independently and in a team
  • Flexible and responsive to evolution as the project unfolds



 Provide at least three references who can verify specific examples of relevant experience.


Reporting relationship 

  • The project will be overseen by the New Ways Committee through monthly meetings to direct the priorities and evolving nature of the work.
  • The Project Coordinator is accountable to the Church Council through the Ministry and Personnel Committee which will provide oversight, ensure good working relations, and serve as a resource in times of conflict.
  • The project coordinator will be part of the staff team, and will be supported by regular meetings with the minister, at least bi-weekly.