Celebrating 10 years of Partnership with All Saints' Anglican with St. Matthias

Saturday 16 September 2017, 10:30am

 First United and All Saints' Anglican with St. Matthias are celebrating 10 years of partnership by joining together for a celebratory walk on Saturday September 16th.  This walk recalls a walk that members of First United made from Kent Street to Westboro and the greeting they received by members of All Saints' at the corner of Island Park.  The walk on September 16th will be a walk from Westboro to Parkdale Food Bank in honour of the ministries St. Matthias graces the partnership with.


10:30 a.m.       Celebratory gathering at First/All Saints' Anglican with St. Matthias

10:50 a.m.       Walking to Parkdale Food Bank

12:00 noon      Potluck Sandwich Luncheon at Parkdale Food Bank

   1:00 p.m     Opportunity to learn about the Ministry of Parkdale Food Bank.